For as long as we can remember we have asked participants to complete paper applications for each different type of Parade Unit. Beginning in 2015 we will be going “paperless” and requiring all applicants to fill out an online application that will be much easier to use and will lower the risk that the application is not processed correctly or in a timely manner. While we understand that this may be difficult for some, we ask that you bare with us as we refine the process to make the application process as seamless as possible.

UNIT APPLICATIONS: Please fill out all of the general information areas as well as the specialized Unit Informational areas on the application.

*  You will be able to pay via credit card directly on the application without an excess processing fee via PayPal Processing.
*  You will also be able to upload required information such as photos and designs directly to us without having to worry about extra postage costs.
*  PDF copies of the rules and regulations for each unit type are available for download under each of the Unit Information areas.
*  We will no longer be taking paper applications for the parade!!!
*  Please make sure you read everything through carefully before submitting. These are the same applications you have submitted in the past, only in an online format. By submitting you agree to follow all of the rules/regulations of the Parade.
*  If your unit is not selected, you will receive a refund of your application fee.
*  Applications are required for EVERY PARADE UNIT! Only government units and schools are exempt from the application fee.

You may access the Unit Application by going directly to that page or by clicking HERE!

FOOD VENDOR APPLICATION: Please fill out all of the general informational areas on the online application.

*  Please make sure that the address you provide for your vending group is accurate. The vending permits will be mailed to this location. We are not responsible for permits sent to an incorrectly provided address.
*  If you are applying as a non-profit organization, please supply your Non-Profit/Charity Tax-ID. If you are applying as a FOR PROFIT group, you must donate a portion of your proceeds to a registered Not-For-Profit Organization and provide the requested information on the listed org.
*  We will NOT be accepting applications or dispensing vendor permits via a brick & mortar location. All applications must be submitted online and all permits will be mailed.
*  The application deadline will no longer be extended to accommodate late mailings. Please make sure you submit your application in a timely manner.
*  Applications are required for EVERY vending organization. If your application is rejected, your application fee will be refunded to you.

You may access the Vending Application by going directly to that page or by clicking HERE!

We always look forward to working with our Parade Units and Food Vendors and thank all of you for your patience and for helping us put on the largest night-time parade in Florida!