When will Bleacher Tickets become available?

Bleacher seats will be sold entirely online again this year beginning around late October to mid-November.

How much does it cost to be in the Parade?

The entry fee for the parade is $75 per unit which will be refunded to you if you are not chosen to be in the parade.

When do the applications for the 2017 Parade get posted?

Applications for the 2017 Parade are going digital! They will be posted HERE. We will no longer be accepting paper applications.

When do the roads get shut down?

State Road 40 (Silver Springs Blvd.) and other roads associated with the Parade will be shut down at 4:00 PM to set up for the Reindeer Run and ensure the safety of our participants.

Where is the Parade exactly?
Is the Parade Broadcast Re-Aired?

The Parade airs live on the Marion Education Channel (MEC) available to more than 200,000 viewers on more than a dozen local cable systems including Brighthouse (Channel 198), Comcast (Channel 99) and Cox (Channel 12), as well as over-the-air on digital channel 7.1. The Parade replays on the MEC through December every Friday and Saturday at 7PM and Sundays at 2PM.

Where can I get a DVD of the Parade?

The School Board will no longer be offering DVD copies of the Parade for sale starting this year, HOWEVER they will be uploading the Parade onto their YouTube Page located HERE: https://www.youtube.com/user/MCPSMedia?feature=watch